1. Why Santa Claus Can’t Have A Cat (or Cats)

    The true story about his troubles with cats…

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    Why Santa Claus Can’t Have A Cat: Cards and Ornaments

    The Trouble With Cats In Santa’s Workshop

    The story of Santa Claus’ cat (or cats) and why he can’t have one is a lesson for anyone who works at home, especially if you work with “interesting” materials. You’re going to see it in graphic images below, in a cat Christmas card and cat ornaments.

    It started innocently enough. The North Pole Humane Society held an adoption drive one spring. Santa Claus loves cats as much as anyone. Many had shared his warm milk with him on Christmas Eve. And the shelter was full of amazing cats and kittens.

    The only thing was, it was too hard to decide which should become the one and only Santa Claus cat. So, he brought Mrs. Claus back to help him decide. She helped him decide to adopt three cats, not just one.

    All was fine, at first. The cats scampered together and purred like lions, so grateful were they to have a home.

    The trouble for Santa Claus’ cats started when spring yielded to summer, and Santa and his elves began making gifts for children all over the world. Unfortunately, the cats wanted to help too.
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